Pinnacle Fiduciary Service aims to provide a full range of services for all of your family's needs, including: 

Financial planning and financial advising — From monthly and yearly budgets to long-term forecasting, our advisers are prepared to help you think strategically about your finances.  

Investment management — Our advisers will work as an intermediary with your existing financial advisement team or we can help you identify a new team. We are not compensated by financial investors, so we can help you identify the ideal partners for your financial and investment strategy needs. 

Asset management — Our team has experience managing a range of assets including real estate interests, natural resource investments, and securities and hedge fund assets. We are well equipped to work with any and all of your interests.

Estate planning and trust administration — Whether you already have an estate plan or trust in place, we can provide an analysis of what's in place or start from scratch to help you develop a customized plan for your family and your estate. 

Philanthropic advising — Legacy's team has worked within the nonprofit field with a variety of investors helping them identify nonprofit, philanthropic and other not-for-profit organizations that match their interests. 

Risk Management — We are trained to help you and your family identify, assess, and address those risks and uncertainties that families may face including work to shelter your estate from various threats. Our job is to provide due diligence to you in all of your endeavors so that your family is free from potential risks. 

Administrative services and reporting — Our advisers will take on some of the management duties that can interfere with your day-to-day life such as filing tax returns and managing personal properties.

Family governance — We pride ourselves on being a neutral third-party that our clients can turn to in times when there may be a need for a mediator. Our work is to ensure that you don't have to worry about the "what if" situations.